Help Us To Get A Defibrillator and Win!

News on 29 Dec , 2016

Eagley Sports Complex is starting the New Year fundraising to get a much needed Defibrillator in the clubhouse so it is there on hand should it ever be needed.

The first fundraiser is by means of the website and app ‘Run Last Man’ which is a competition to bet which Premier league team will win that week, and as long as your team wins you enter again the following week and remain doing this until your team loses where you are out of the competition, or as the name suggests you are the last to win and you win the cash prize! This will be half of the total prize fund with the other half donated towards the Defibrillator.
So what’s stopping you? A chance to pit your football wits and win money and also know that you’re also donating to a worthy cause, where in all sports too many people have sadly lost lives where the Defibrillator could of helped.

To Join

All you have to do is either download the ‘Run last Man’ app to your device or go to and register. Then search for ‘Eagley’ and this will bring up the competition. Pick your first team to play on Sat the 21st Jan and pay your one off entry fee of £5.40 including 40p admin fee then just keep winning each week! But please remember you must be 18yrs old to place the bet.

What could be easier? So please enter and help us start to raise money for the Defibrillator down at the club.